Primary Product Series

Triaxis has persisted in the research, development, and manufacture of specialized mortar products to service the nation’s key public works projects, alongside provision of a wide variety of materials for use in the domain of civilian architectural construction.

Our product lineup includes Triaxis High-Speed Rail and Urban Construction Series,Triaxis Industrial Flooring Serie, Terramor Creative Floor Series,and Terramor Decorative Wall.

Why choose Triaxis?

Profession in Manufacture

With the use of M-TEC full-automatic dry powder blending equipment, the Triaxis production line is capable of controlling and fine-tuning compositional dosage and mixture evenness.

Formula Customization

To suit the demands of actual construction site conditions, the mixture formulas utilized in Triaxis-manufactured materials may be entirely customized.

Quality Control

At Triaxis, adherence to ISO 9000 standards are strictly enforced, with implementation of quality control procedures at every stage of manufacture from start to finish so to ensure stability of output.

After-Sales Support

Triaxis provides full documentation of product use procedures, 24/7 telephone technical support, and a complete after-sales service system to provide on-site construction guidance.

More product information and technical service, please contact Triaxis Sales Department!