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Triaxis Hard-Coat Material is a surface treatment that significant improves resistance to friction and provides flooring with a visually appealing gloss finish. The product is available in standard (H-1) and non-fire (H-2). Recommended usage venues include factory spaces, machine floors, warehouses, parking lots, basements, storage rooms, repair centers, loading bays, and outdoor corridors.

  • Triaxis H-1 Hardcoat (Standard)
  • Triaxis H-2 Hardcoat(Non-Fire)

Derived of years of experience in the maintenance of the high-speed rail system, the Triaxis T series of specialized repair material was developed to address a variety of concerns posed by the surfacing presently available on the Chinese market. Bearing high adhesiveness and malleability, Triaxis specialized repair materials are suited to the filling and repair of fracturing seams left by contraction, expansion, and other factors.

  • Triaxis T-0 Epoxy Mortar Repair Material
  • Triaxis T-1 Cementitious Mortar Repair Material
  • Triaxis T-2 Inorganic Gap-Filling Material
  • Triaxis T-3 Anti-Fracturing Mortar
  • Triaxis T-4 Repair Putty


Derived of years of experience in the preparation of concrete surfaces, Triaxis High-Performance Concrete Sealer is a product that optimizes the properties of floor surfacing, rendering them harder, easier to clean, longer-lasting, and more resistant to chemical weathering processes. The product series now includes single and double component formulas.

  • Triaxis LS-1 Impervious Concrete Sealer (Single-Component)
  • Triaxis AB-1 Impervious Concrete Sealer (Two-Component)
  • Triaxis NG-1 Impervious Concrete Densifier



A world-class flooring product suited for use in a wide variety of commercial urban venues. Per the requirements of a client’s interior design, customization may be applied to flooring coloration, surface design, aggregate grain, and other features for a unique, entirely bespoke floor surfacing—fully realizing the elegance of design expected in first-class commercial real estate.

  • Terramor ET (Epoxy Terrazzo)
  • Terramor CT (Cementitious Terrazzo)
  • Terramor SL (Self-Levelling Cementitious)
  • Terramor CP (Polished Concrete)


A unique, eco-friendly inorganic surfacing material that escapes both the distasteful plainness of traditional tiling and the inherent risks of organic coatings. Coloration and patterns are customizable to the needs of a client’s designs, permitting for a fully bespoke solution for high-end interior and exterior decorative wall surfacing.

  • Terramor CM (Colored Render Mortar)
  • Terramor VP (Venetian Plaster)
  • Terramor MS (MinStone Wall)
  • Terramor AC (Architectural Concrete)



Triaxis RES Special-Purpose Mortar

Triaxis has been engaged in the production, research and development and manufacture of special mortar products, and provides a variety of types of mortar products for the national key project construction and civil construction field.

More product information and technical service, please contact Triaxis Sales Department!